5 Creative Ways to Meet Your Daily Water Intake Goal
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Ahhhh, good ol’ water. Good ol’ essential water.  Drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day can seem like a chore, however, it most certainly can be done!

As part of my goal to live a healthier lifestyle, drinking more water is at the tippy top of my list. I can immediately notice the signs that I need to increase my intake – feeling unusually sluggish and tired, horrid skin, digestion issues…just sick! The body has a funny way of telling us exactly what it needs, and it is our duty to listen. And of course, if you’re suspecting a more serious health issue underlying, please consult with your doctor for further evaluation.

So, what are some creative ways to help meet these water goals?


Water can be a bit boring, which is why I’ve turned to fruit or vegetable-infused water to add more variety and flavor. It works like a charm and actually makes drinking water a LOT more enjoyable! Water with lemon slices is my absolute favorite at the moment and has many health benefits. But of course, it is good to mix things up with other fruits (i.e., strawberries, raspberries), mint leaves or cucumbers. Infused water is so refreshing! Experiment and find a recipe that appeals to your taste buds.


Once you find a water bottle that works for you, keep it close! I purchased a infuser water bottle to help make things easier for on-the-go (i.e., work, gym, travel). With the infuser bottles, the fruit goes directly in the center and seeps into the water. All that is needed is drinking/refilling throughout the day – easy peasy! I am so attached to my water bottle; wherever I go, it goes.

Another important tip is to make a HUGE pitcher of infused water to refrigerate every evening, so that it is chilled and all ready to go for the next day. Once the pitcher is empty, you will know that you have done great for the day as far as intake.


Let’s face it: Some of us need reminders to actually drink enough throughout the day. At least, until a habit is formed. There have been times where I have gotten so busy with work that I look up only to realize that I have not had much to drink at all. Smartphone timers are perfect for setting reminders. You may also choose to purchase a “scheduled” water bottle (or add DIY sharpie lines to your bottles) as drink markers in 30-60 minute increments.


If you find that you’re still in a drinking rut, try snacking on foods high in water content (i.e., watermelon). Crushed ice is twice as nice – and who doesn’t like crushed ice?


Again, there are plenty of smartphone apps out there that will help you track your water intake and scheduling. It may also be helpful to add an accountability partner to ensure that you are hitting your daily goal or maybe try starting a competition with friends and family (not to exceed the recommended 8 glasses per day). That way, everyone is working on a lifestyle change  – a win-win for all!

By incorporating these tips, I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes to my health just by keeping hydrated. My skin is finally starting to love me again!

Happy drinking! What are some creative ideas you have tried to meet your water intake goals?