How To Avoid Being Used
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There is nothing worse than the feeling of being used. No matter where you turn, it may seem that there is always someone that wants to constantly take and never give. We’ve all been there – the person who only reaches out when they need something, “borrows” and never returns, dumps all their issues on you and never listen to yours….

How can you tell if you’re being used?


When it comes to love relationships, it is extremely important that both parties are invested and are equally contributing emotionally to the union. One-sided relationships generally don’t make it very far. And remember: not everyone whom you’ve known for long periods of time deserve to grow with you through life – that goes for friends, lovers and family all alike!


Are you being used for money? Time to snatch that wallet up and tighten the clamps. Being able to discern who is with you for you and not what you can do for them is paramount. As a general rule, do not lend out money that you cannot afford to lose.


It can sometimes seem that family takes advantage the most, which is why setting boundaries are especially crucial. While it’s perfectly fine to help people when needed, there is a fine line between assisting and being a pushover.


Are you too nice? It’s ok to be enthusiastic in the workplace, but never a doormat. Being a “yes” person will almost always leave you drained, feeling used and under-compensated. All in all, people will continue do what you’ll allow.


All healthy relationships should be reciprocal as far as give and take. They should feel good. If things start looking a bit one-sided, with no resolution, it may be time to re-evaluate. Stop pouring from an empty vessel and not being refilled! Stop allowing yourself to be used. It’s okay to be selfish and activate your power of “no”.