Ways To Create Holiday Traditions With Your Significant Other
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Overall, the holidays tend to get many of us in a sentimental mood (queues Duke Ellington). The colorful array of lights are shining bright, gifts are wrapped with care, people are generally much kinder/in a giving mood, and spirits are seemingly high. This is usually a time of reflection, winding down and spending time with loved ones. You also have couples, old and new, figuring out how to create holiday traditions to make the season extra special.


How do you create holiday traditions with your significant other?

It is important to show love to that special man or woman in your lives. People can begin to feel extremely lonely around the holidays, particularly with little to no family around. Although it may seem unusual, those in romantic relationships can possibly feel lonely as well, which are why these 4 romantic ideas, incorporated into your seasonal routine with your partner, will instantly make your holidays a bit brighter:

Give Back

I know, cliché, cliché: It is better to give than to receive. There is nothing more fulfilling than making memories with that special someone through volunteering your time together. Collecting toys for tots, feeding the homeless or adopting a family for the holidays are just some of many ways to give. It will leave you feeling so full of joy and you will have touched many lives in the process. And the best part is that you will have done this together.

Family Time

Family is invaluable and understandably, it may not always be possible to board the next flight home to share in the fellowship. Or just maybe the budget is a bit too tight this time around. But all in all, be willing go the extra mile, whether you will be making your way out of town or staying put for the holidays. Getting to know one another’s families is so crucial. Married couples and those in long-term relationships eventually get into a rhythm of which holidays will be spent with whose side of the family (i.e., Thanksgiving with her family, Christmas with his family, rotate).

Or perhaps, you want to plan a “Friends”giving or holiday gathering for your closest friends.

Whatever is decided, be present and work to build healthy relationships with one another’s families and extended families. Effort goes a long way and advanced technology makes it all the more convenient to remain in touch; Skype and FaceTime are wonderful tools for those moments when you cannot quite make the trip.

Prepare Meals Together

There is something extremely sexy about a couple preparing a full-course meal together. It makes for some extra bonding time with all the laughs, small talk, experimenting, sharing cooking tips, taste-testing, etc. Take out the fine china, light some candles and really enjoy the adult conversation – free of distractions.


As a holiday gift to yourselves, consider heading to a bed & breakfast, quiet cabin or spa for a quick weekend getaway. This will keep the flames burning and give you both an opportunity to clear your heads from all the outside stresses of life. You will come back refreshed, hopefully, and your body will thank you a million times for the much-needed break.

Keep it Simple

Try not to overthink and just keep things very relaxed and simple. You may want to pick out an ornament or tree to decorate, exchange meaningful gifts, chop some wood and start a fire, dance to your music playlists (or create one together), order your favorite food, watch classic movies… enjoy one another’s company. There is so much to do that doesn’t require breaking the bank, yet extremely quality time-driven. Most of all, the best gift you could ever give anyone is your time and full-attention.

Have yourselves a happy holiday season! No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember to nurture your relationships, spread love and cheer!