5 Baby Shower Gifts That Will Never Steer You Wrong
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Photo: Valerie Robinson/ Unapologetically Us

Whether you are attending a baby shower or preparing for a little one of your own, one thing is for certain – it is an exciting time and cause for celebration! Many excited parents rush out to buy everything pink or blue or yellow or green that they can get their hands on. And who could blame them? I also once almost bought out an entire department store baby section out of sheer joy. And yes, shopping for the perfect baby shower gift can be a bit stressful – we want things that are absolutely adorable, practical, and unique. So, here are some gift ideas that will never go out of style, and can be appreciated long-term. And whether you or your loved ones are expecting a newborn or adopting an older child, these gifts are sure to knock everyone’s socks off.


Image result for famous children's booksImage result for famous children's books

Image result for famous children's booksImage result for famous children's books

One could never grow weary of a library of classic children’s books. Not only will they take you down memory lane, but the little ones will also get to share in what you once enjoyed as a child. Perhaps, mix it up with a variety of children’s illustrators/authors or purchase an entire body of work from one author.

As the children get older, add to their libraries….

Photo: Valerie Robinson/ Unapologetically Us

Photo: Valerie Robinson/ Unapologetically Us


Either way, this is a win-win. And even more, these libraries can be passed down to new siblings or other family members/friends.

Dress-up wardrobe and accessories


Photo: Valerie Robinson/ Unapologetically Us

My 2 little girls looooove to play dress up. We had a family Disney trip a couple of years ago, and I went overboard in buying them damn near every princess costume under the sun. They have also accumulated a ton of tutus, made by some extremely crafty friends, and many accessories (bows, ribbons, shoes, headbands…you name it). Every year following dance recital, those costumes are added to the wardrobe, as well as old party dresses. This “costume rack” has saved us on MANY Halloweens! MAN-Y!

Disney World vacation-starter or college fund-starter contribution


Before you give me the side-eye, just know that this contribution does not have to be large – $25, $50, $100…whatever. What it essentially does is help support the parents in initiating a savings fund. They may choose to open up a family vacation savings account with your small contribution and, thereafter, chip in themselves on a more consistent schedule until it builds up. Experiences over things! It is also never too early to start planning for the child’s future. Whether or not they decide to pursue higher education, it is always good to have something set aside to aid them in going after their dreams…or maybe put a down payment on their first cars!

Milestones photo shoot

Photo: Valerie Robinson/Unapologetically Us

Photo: Valerie Robinson/ Unapologetically Us

This one is uber important – capturing those memories and milestones. Many photographers offer ‘milestones’ packages where the children or family are captures a various phases of their lives – usually newborn, 6 months, 1-year and 2-year. Photography is such a timeless, worthy investment.

A slew of onesies

You can NEVER have too many onesies. Ask any parent and they’ll wholeheartedly agree. One baby can literally gloss through 4489804 onesies/day, and before you know it, you have a billion loads of laundry and no clean ones to put on them following that unexpected “blowout”. Just saying’………Also, onesies don’t have to be boring! A fun baby shower activity would be to have the guests “design” custom onesies with adorable pictures and sayings using craft paint.


What are some unique baby shower gifts that you have in mind? Share in the comments below!