“Black-ish” Delivers Epic Dialogue In Post-Election Episode
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Photos: Kelsey McNeal/ABC Last night’s episode of Black-ish was must-watch television and perhaps, one of the most important of the hit series next to its police brutality special. As we approach inauguration day, there are many still heartbroken with a hint of post-election blues. Black-ish captured the hearts and minds of many Americans at this particular moment in history. Image result for blackish lemonade episode President Obama just delivered an emotional, heartfelt farewell address and it has been quite the reality check. This transfer of power is really happening…..and it has not been a positive, hopeful or reassuring process for all.

The show writers and cast so brilliantly summed up the emotional spectrum of how many Americans went to bed on election night….and their state of minds as they awakened to navigate through the post-election results. In what was the most powerful moment, Dre (played by Anthony Anderson) addresses work colleagues at an unexpected roundtable as some of his peers grappled with the results. This scenario is spot on as we have often been expected to carry on with business as usual in our workplaces after trauma and perform through various states of confusion, grief and chaos. One of the colleagues, a white woman, openly admitted voting for the GOP nominee, which set off a firestorm in the room.

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But it also led to Dre’s segway into a touching monologue on what it has been like to love a country that doesn’t reciprocate that same love.

“You don’t think I care about this country? I love this country, even though at times it doesn’t love me back. For my whole life, my parents, my grandparents, me, for most black people, this system has never worked for us. But we still played ball. Tried to do my best to live by the rules, even though we knew they would never work out in our favor.” – Dre, Black-ish

Many thanks to the writers for calling tough, and oftentimes uncomfortable issues to the carpet. And with some “lemonade” in the form of humor trickled in. Please see this one for yourselves……

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