Meet Daliyah: A 4-Year-Old Who Has Read More Than 1,000 Books
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“Literature is the most immortal part of history.”Daliyah Marie Arana (4)


Photos: Carla Hayden via Twitter

Aaliyah Arana is not your average 4-year-old. From Gainesville, Georgia, she has read more than 1,000 books – impressive!

Daliyah has become quite the avid reader – starting at the tender age of 2, she started recognizing words and had read her first book on her own (Ann’s Big Muffin) one month before she turned 3. When you’ve read as many books as Daliyah, who is already an honorary member of her local library, you will undoubtedly develop a stellar vocabulary. She also comes from a family that values reading as an integral part of their everyday routines. She listened intently as not only her parents, but siblings, read aloud each day. And pretty soon, she had mastered sight recognition of the words in the books read to her.

Her mother, Haleema, took an extra step in signing her daughter up for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. In just a short time, Daliyah had already reached her 1,000 book goal and now has her sights set on increasing that number to 1,500 by the time she officially starts Kindergarten in the Fall.

Carla Hayden of the 14th Library of Congress took notice of Daliyah and invited her shadow her as “librarian for the day.” While her actual reading level hasn’t been tested yet, she is proficiently reading college-level text.