MIT Senior, Tierra Guinn, Currently Working As NASA Engineer
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“You should see a black woman as rocket propulsion engineers, as rocket structural and analysis and design engineers. You should see more women in CEO positions.”

Tierra Guinn (22) is making strides in STEM and in her career before even graduating college. The MIT student is already on the path to greatness – securing an engineering title at NASA. She is currently working as a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System in partnership with Boeing – a powerful contraption intended to send astronauts into Mars.

“I design components for the rocket itself. And then, I analyze them and make sure they’re structurally sound, which means that they don’t break, that they don’t deform.”

Guinn is expected to earn her aeronautics and astronautics degree with a 5.0 GPA. She also credits her mother to exposing her to mathematics at an early age.


“When my mom and I would go to the grocery store, she would get me to clip coupons and put it in my coupon organizer. By the time we got to the register, I’d have to calculate the exact total, including tax. And I did that since I was six years old.”


We are getting Hidden Figures vibes all over again, and it is empowering to see Black women making strides in a significantly impactful field.