5 Places To Take Your Introverted Friends On An Outing
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Contrary to popular belief, and in general, introverts actually do love and want to hang out with their friends. But sometimes, certain venues and social settings (i.e., clubs, huge crowds, large festivals) give them the deepest of anxieties. And that’s perfectly fine – it’s all in that we are wired differently in sustaining our energies. This is not to say that those settings aren’t fun, but it’s mainly a matter of preference and the overstimulation can take a lot of energy out of an introvert….especially if they are not prepared for it. An introvert’s likely first thoughts when someone asks to hang out are: Where and when? Will there be lots of people there?  Who will be there?

And more often than not, they tough it out in those uncomfortable spaces because…it is a part of life and many circumstances are beyond their control. Truth be told, as nice as it sounds, and speaking as an introvert herself, we cannot stay in our PJs forever.

For example, on the entrepreneurial side, an introvert would certainly need to learn to embrace uncomfortable spaces to network, get in certain rooms and build their brands. On the more personal side, compromises can be made within our relationships to intentionally cater to our highly introverted loved ones every now and then –  a give and take, ya’ know? It can be challenging for our extroverted counterparts to get their introverted friends on board when planning the next outing. They may reluctantly agree, but if it within control, consider these thoughtful introvert-friendly venues your friends will thank you (profusely) for:

Restaurant & Intimate Lounge (in lieu of club)


Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Getting dressed, getting out of the house and grabbing food and drinks with friends for a while is always a good move, but for introverts, social time is all the more amazing when its low-key. They’d prefer the intimate space to get personal with small groups as opposed to making small talk in a loud, crowded setting amongst strangers.

The Spa or Beach

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Who doesn’t love a little self-care wrapped into quality friend time? Enjoy adult conversation, some wine and a spa mani/pedi or massage. Or how about a quick day-trip to the beach? You will feel reinvigorated and stress-free, as well as leave with a full heart.


Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

A long walk or hike to enjoy nature is always a good idea. Combining pleasant scenery with some exercise and good conversation is sure to give everyone a much-needed energy boost. And before you know it, you’ll look up to having walked a couple of miles. If the woods are not your thing, try walking along a clearer jogging trail or running track.

Bookstore or Quaint Cafe


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The bookstore is an escape and safe haven for many. Not only do several locations now have on site cafes, but there is also room to engage in a more relaxing environment with a smaller group. Bring your laptop if talking business, order some coffee, and chat it up. This is a great, low-maintenance way to catch up with friends and family that will not carve out too much time out of your schedule.

A Concert, Museum or the Movie Theater

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Sure, concerts, museums and movie theaters are crowded, but they don’t require a whole lot of awkward socializing with complete strangers. Also, you get to enjoy your favorite music, a piece of history, art or film. It makes for great memories, food and selfies. Plus, such events open up the gateway for interesting conversations amongst friends in the moment or on the ride home!

Obviously, we want to go with the flow and will not always be able to accommodate our introverted sides, but when quickly catching up or just wanting to hang out on the fly, these are some pretty good places to keep in mind to switch things up a bit.

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