Spread The Word: D.C.’s Missing Black And Latinx Teens
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For a moment, I though I was losing my mind. It seemed like every day over the last few weeks there has been a posting on social media, and just barely (if at all) a peep on the local news, about yet another missing Black or Latinx teenager in the D.C. area (via @DCPoliceDepartment). Girls to be exact. Turns out, I am not crazy. Ten missing within a single week should raise all the alarms! Hell, ONE child missing is too many!

Yes, you heard that right. Within the first 2 weeks of March alone, 10 minority girls have been reported missing.

What is happening? I still think of Relisha Rudd, who went missing in 2014. The man, who her mother willingly let her daughter go off with, Khalil Tatum, committed suicide. He had been a janitor at the shelter where Relisha and her family stayed. Relisha was never found, and I cannot stop thinking about the possibility that she will never be found.

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Photo: Relisha Rudd

With sex trafficking being a huge international concern, especially in the D.C. region, these cases are worthy of more time and attention. What is happening to our young, minority girls?


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