I Unplugged For a Few Days And It Was Amazing
By:     -   April 1, 2017   -   Health & Wellness  -  Self-Care   -   10 Comments   -   1148 Views

Photo: Isha Gaines/CreateHerStock

It happened. And the world did not stop turning. As a matter of fact, it felt great.

I unplugged for a few days.

I didn’t schedule any blog posts or write any new ones, my computer remained closed, zero photos were edited and I did not stress over my cluttered inbox. I figured that with a rare “free” weekend approaching, what better time than any to take a “breather” from work? I did away with the fear of missing out on the outside world to actually recharge my battery. I even urged others to do the same -less consuming and more creating memories.

With the upcoming Summer months already certain to be extremely busy for me, anxiety began to set in. I had already been experiencing some serious burn-out on the job and with the everyday life juggling – tired, cranky, couldn’t think straight and in dire need of a change of scenery. I was also feeling guilty for always being attached to my computer or smartphone, even on “off days”. As aforementioned, self-care doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy, however, it is not optional.

So, I took a mini-vacation with the family – enjoyed some amusement parks, ate (badly), laughed, napped, let the kids be free, binge-watched Netflix, started Game of Thrones, blew the dust off a book I had been meaning to finish, did some yoga…just lived in the moment. It was truly a relaxing time, and those few days really made a huge difference.  It was nice to not feel the need to snap every waking moment and post to social media. I was actually in the moments and enjoying them…something I am striving to do more often.

In doing so, I was surprised to find that in my solitude, I was actually able to dream up newer ideas with a settled mind. It was a relief to not be “open for business” 24/7 and to just be for a while.

Have you ever felt this way?