Pepsi Missed The Mark In Tone-Deaf Advertisement Mimicking Protests
By:     -   April 5, 2017   -   Business  -  Culture   -   0 Comments   -   1281 Views

UPDATE: Pepsi has pulled the ad.


Pepsi is in the hot seat today after debuting a painfully tone-deaf advertisement mimicking police brutality protests in an already unstable political and social climate. The commercial, titled, “Live for New Moments Anthem”, stars Kendall Jenner.

Jenner, first appears in a blonde wig during what seems to be a photo shoot. There are protests happening just steps away from where her shoot was happening. The camera pans across the diverse crowd of protesters marching with peace symbol signage. Jenner then loses the blonde wig and wipes away the red lipstick from her mouth, and sets out to join the marchers. She sets eyes on a protester who encourages her to join in. As she approaches a line of police officers, she pulls out a cold can of Pepsi and hands it to one of them. As the officer opens the can, there is an eruption of celebration and cheers, as the words “live bolder, live louder, live for now” flash across the screen.

What in the entire f**k, Pepsi?! Protesting is not “trendy”. It’s risky as hell, and can literally mean life or death.


This is the direct result of not having the proper representation in these advertising and writers’ rooms. It’s exploitative to actual protesters, and marginalized people fighting for their lives on the daily. Lives that cannot be saved by a soda.


Further, it is highly doubtful that a Black man or woman could prevent police brutality by simply walking up to an armed officer with a Pepsi….   They would have assumed it was a gun. Pepsi, you didn’t think this through. And the fact that this commercial debuted on the anniversary of MLK’s assassination….

Moral of the story: You can’t end racism with a Pepsi.