Is Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ Initiative In Jeopardy?
By:     -   May 3, 2017   -   Education   -   Comments are closed   -   499 Views
Let Girls Learn Liberia

Photo: Neil Brandvold for Let Girls Learn Liberia

Word is that the Trump administration is planning to discontinue the ‘Let Girls Learn’ educational initiative, championed by former first lady Michelle Obama. The program, started in 2015, was launched as a means to bring awareness to, as well as facilitate the educational opportunities available for girls in developing countries.

An internal document, according to The Hill, revealed that all ‘Let Girls Learn’ programming was to cease operation.

“Moving forward, we will not continue to use the Let Girls Learn brand or maintain a stand-alone program,” an email from Sheila Crowley, the acting director of the Peace Corps, reportedly said.

The White House has since stated that the program will remain unchanged….but who can trust this administration? It is also alarming that the memo was uncovered the same day that Sonny Perdue, agricultural secretary, sought to change the rules on Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch program.