Ohio Quadruplets, All Accepted To Ivies, Decide To Attend Yale Together
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Photo: The Wade family

The decision is in!

The Wade quadruplets (Nick, Zach, Nigel and Aaron), each accepted into Ivy leagues (Harvard, Yale), as well as 59 colleges, have decided to attend Yale together.


The four brothers out of Liberty Township, Ohio revealed to NBC that is was not an easy decision…well, at least for Aaron, who was torn about possibly attending Stanford University instead. But the Yale financial aid package was too good to pass up!


“At the end of the day, Yale made sense logistically — and it’s an amazing school. I don’t regret my decision even though right now it kind of feels like a sacrifice.” -Aaron Wade (18)

On the bright side, their parents, Darrin and Kim Wade, won’t have to make 4 separate site visits or attend 4 different graduations. Darrin is a senior staff software architect for General Electric and Kim is a middle school principle. They also revealed that they had no idea that their sons had applied to Yale.

“We didn’t have the resources for places like that. They honestly would not let my wife and myself know what they wanted to do. We have more or less tried to stay out of it.”  – Darrin Wade

As far as majors are concerned, Aaron wants to study artificial intelligence, Nigel plans to study neuroscience, Zach is pursuing chemical engineering, and Nick wants to be a diplomat.