Queen Sugar Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 “My Soul’s High Song”
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The Bordelon saga continues. And we begin with Charley making morning smoothies for the family. Darla drops by to scoop up Blue. This is where we see some flashes of Micah’s PTSD from the police encounter setting in. He snaps on his little cousin Blue before heading to school, sending the poor kid to tears. Apparently, he misplaced his calculus notebook and felt that Blue may have been responsible.

  After things simmer down and everyone is off to their destinations, Ralph Angel opens the mail and finds that the check for the micro-loan had arrived. Sweet.

Photos: OWN

Photos: OWN

Aunt Vi and Hollywood are reunited and living under the same roof. Hollywood has quit his job at the rig, and given all that free time, is being an absolute busybody around the house. Homeboy is driving Aunt Vi craaaazy (i.e., making a huge mess in the kitchen while trying to “help” prepare meals, etc.). It was actually kind of cute seeing him fumble around in the kitchen. We certainly do not see enough images of Black men in this setting, and it makes our hearts smile. You can get the sense that Hollywood is a man that can’t sit still and likes to work.

Meanwhile, Charley is in a meeting about the mill being her usual badass self. More on Charley later…

Also, Nova is meeting with the new editor at the New Orleans Daily News to discuss her ongoing research on mass incarceration. He compliments the work, but attempts to “stretch” her out of her comfort zone of reporting “doom and gloom” by suggesting that she also evaluate some solutions to the longstanding problem. But Nova marches to the beat of her own drum, and is not trying to hear all of that. According to her, there are no “bright spots” as far as this topic is concerned.

Charley is in the thick of looking for an apartment for she and Micah to reside. For the time being, they are living at the farm house with Ralph Angel. Remy tags along on the apartment hunt, and catches a glimpse of the lifestyle that Charley had been accustomed to.

Charley insists that it would need to be located in a more affluent area to be closer to Micah’s school, but Remy encourages her to be a bit closer to the farm. Drop that knowledge, Remy!


Ralph Angel was all amped up to begin planting the soybeans, given that the loan funds had come in, but bad news is stirred up on the farm yet again. He and Proctor discover white flies on the crop, which is confirmed once Remy is conferenced in. Oh Lord. But we’re sure Aunt Vi was glad when they called to enlist Hollywood’s help on getting rid of the flies…she rushed him out of the house so fast – ha! It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation.

Next, Nova is hanging out with a friend (the one from the baby shower) and her most adorable newborn twin babies. Our hearts swelled when she performed a ritualistic ceremony for protection over their little lives.

“May you live a long, sweet, and happy life.” – Nova

Her friend is curious about if Nova will soon start a family of her own, to which Nova dismissed with the excuse that her ongoing commitments dominated much of her life. Never say never, Nova…….Not to put the cart before the horse, but maybe “Mr. Chocolate” (Robert aka Dr. DuBois) will change her mind? She also vents about her new editor. We get the sense that she’s a bit conflicted, but states that she intends to “go along to get along” until she eventually wins him over.

Darla stops by the farm to discuss getting swim lessons for Blue. Ralph Angel is concerned about the cost (money is tight), but Darla insists that her paycheck would cover it. He reluctantly agrees to let her handle it.

Later in the episode, Micah and Blue have another incident, but only this time physical contact was made unintentionally. Naturally, this send Ralph Angel entirely over the edge. Things got completely out of control (a hard to watch scene), but it was such a relief when Ralph Angel came to his senses and apologized to Micah (but not before implying to Charley that Micah was too sheltered and “soft”). Fans were up in arms and believed that Ralph Angel was out of line for that statement about Charley’s son, considering Blue’s “Kenya” Doll. But that’s neither her nor there. Perhaps, there is a backstory on the doll. Once the smoke cleared, all was right in our worlds, but Micah still obviously needs to see a professional for the PTSD.

“His 4 hours of custody does not compare to my 4 years behind bars.” – Ralph Angel

Hollywood and Aunt Vi stumble on to something – a business in the making? Through casual conversation, Aunt Vi learns that she is passionate about serving others through her food. That her food brings people happiness. Kudos to Hollywood for encouraging his woman to dream big….Aunt Vi’s pies!

  There are still problems happening with the sugar cane – the fly treatment didn’t work 100%. So, more hands, including local farmers and the family all stopped by to manually clean the cane. Ralph Angel even calls Darla to come by to help out, but she is working a shift. Darla’s boss is a complete ass, and when Darla asks to leave early due to an emergency (not related to Blue), he declines her request. But somehow, Darla ends up on the farm helping out with the rest of the crew. This left us scratching our heads – did her boss have a change of heart…or…? Girl, don’t let Ralph Angel get you fired!

While everyone is knee-deep in cleaning, the “bougie Charley” jokes were still flying. We can tell that the “Miss Priss” comments are getting to her. She asked Nova, “Do you think I’m a bougie bitch?

There is still a bit of tension between Charley and Ralph Angel. So much to the point that Aunt Vi confronted Ralph Angel, Through his frustrations, he clued Aunt Vi in to the letter that he found from Ernest, leaving the farm to him only. Aunt Vi gives him a stern warning that bringing this news to light would certainly tear the already-fragile family apart.

Later that night, cops show up to the farm house looking for Ralph Angel. They say they received notice that he was in violation of his parole in firing a gun (remember the thieves were stealing crop in the middle of the night, forcing him to fire 2 shots into the air). Unbelievable. Although Charley was able to save his ass by flexing her light-skinned privilege (and ties with an NBA player), insisting that she was the licensed gun owner who fired the shots, this ties back to what Aunt Vi said about Ernest’s letter.

“No matter what you think of me, Ralph Angel, I’ll always have your back.” -Charley

Now,, suppose Ralph Angel had been arrested and sent back to prison? If he was the sole owner of the farm, he wouldn’t have been able to hold onto it. Although the entire farm actually does belong to him, it is not worth the risk. And we can just about guess who tipped the cops off….

The ending is a whirlwind. Charley and Micah move into their new home….at the mill. Darla returns to work – only to find that she had been fired for leaving her shift early, against her boss’s orders, to attend to the farm. Now, we are left wondering if she will fall into a relapse. Oh dear…….

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