How To Stay Committed To The Workout While Traveling
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If you’re constantly on the go and struggling to keep up with your fitness regimen, we have some tips for you!

Maybe your schedule is a bit tight at the moment, and/or your workload has increased a tad. Whatever it maybe, we do know that it can be a challenge to stay committed to a workout program under these circumstances. But make no mistake – it will be difficult overall, but it most certainly can be done! One good reason why it is beneficial to stick to your routine while on travel is because getting back into the swing of things will be even more difficult once you fall off the wagon. And yes, a missed exercise day or two can totally put a dent in your motivation levels. Besides, it’s time to stop compromising as it comes to taking care of ourselves.

Here are some easy planning tips to keep you motivated and in-shape while traveling:


Set the intention that you can and will stick to what you’ve already committed to – a healthier lifestyle. Traveling doesn’t mean that you have to lose all your hard work and progress. Remember: You are a priority.


While on business travel or vacation, more often than not, there will be tiny pockets of time for you to get a decent, albeit brief, workout in. Brief workouts are better than nothing! Check out in advance if your hotel has a fitness center, or perhaps make plans to hit the pavement or beach for a walk/run. Not only do we need to set our workout schedules while traveling, but also keep our dietary needs in mind. Peruse ahead of time potential places you may want to eat to cater to your healthy meal plan – it’s ok to sneak a cheat meal (or two) in there!


Part of being intentional is taking the steps to actually make things happen. In any case, be sure to pack a couple of essential workout items – outfits, headphones, water bottle, swimsuit/trunks and gym shoes. If you have room in your load for small pieces of equipment, that is a possibility as well!


Even in those moments where you are unable to squeeze in the traditional workout during an impromptu business travel adventure, ensure that you are getting in some good meditation, walking and stretching throughout your trip. Staying active begins as soon as you reach the airport….from the long walk through the halls to stretching your legs on the plane. In those cases where you may experience a long layover, it is worthwhile to check with airport staff to see if there are customer fitness spaces available for use. Otherwise, tie up those walking shoes and take a long stroll down the terminals.

Whatever works for you is perfectly fine, but by all means, do not drop the ball.

How are you incorporating exercise into your busy travel schedules?