Her Name Was Kenneka Jenkins…
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The death of a young woman over the weekend in suburban Chicago, Kenneka Jenkins (19), is gaining national attention as her mother has come forward to suggest foul play in her disappearance.

Kenneka Jenkins was found dead inside of an industrial walk-in freezer at Rosemont’s Crowne Plaza early Sunday morning. Jenkins had gone missing after departing her home on the West Side for a party with friends  at the hotel (near Chicago O’Hare International Airport). The exact details of Kenneka’s death is still under development in this open investigation, as the results of the initial autopsy performed Sunday has not been shared publicly. It could take several weeks for the toxicology results to come in.

The young woman’s mother, Teresa Martin, is ensuring that her daughter’s case does not get swept under the rug, noting that authorities informed her that the freezer, fully functional, was located in a vacant section of the hotel that was still under construction. It is unclear at this time who actually found Jenkins’s body and how she really got there. Surveillance footage, as well as social media posts have certainly sparked uncertainty and overwhelming speculation on what may have really happened to Kenneka.

Friends that Kenneka attended the party with Jenkins called her mother, Teresa Martin, after stating that they were unable to locate Kenneka following the party. They also told Martin that Jenkins disappeared after heading back to the hotel room without them to grab her cell phone and car keys. Martin has shared that the recounts of the events from these women kept changing…over and over.

Upon reporting the disappearance of her daughter, Martin has criticized police and hotel staff of failing to act quick enough despite her repeated pleas for help.

“To me, I feel like they helped kill my child: the police department and this hotel.” – Teresa Martin, Jenkins’s mother

Martin, along with family members, showed up to the hotel to look for Kenneka themselves (knocking on doors, etc.). The hotel had also eventually alerted authorities. The police informed Martin to wait a few more hours before filing a missing persons report just in case she turned up, which she believes that, had this been done sooner with urgency, her daughter could have possibly been found alive. It took more pleading for authorities to even consider looking at the surveillance footage, which showed Kenneka stumbling near the front desk. Given this, police initially told Martin that her daughter had gotten severely intoxicated and wandered into the freezer – that “freak accidents like that do occur”.

But things are not adding up, and further investigation is requested…

Police insist that they will leave no stone unturned in investigating this case, but we must not let this get swept under the rug. Jenkins, a graduate from the Community Christian Alternative Academy, recently accepted a job at a nursing home and was out celebrating. A sad and disturbing story indeed. We will keep a close eye on it as more confirmed details emerge…Although we are not exactly sure what went wrong, it is important that due diligence is done as it comes to our Black women and children.

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