[The Unapologetic Podcast] The Core Values Index w/ Kourtney Coleman
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Kourtney Coleman is a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner, Corporate Speaker, Executive Coach and President of Kourtney Coleman Inc., where she helps corporations create a peak employee experience by discovering the innate abilities of their staff to create a sense of fulfillment for each individual.

Kourtney helps put the right people in the right position by matching the job’s function to the employee’s innate ability to increase motivation and productivity affecting the bottom line.


Kourtney has been an entrepreneur since 2004. She discovered the Core Values Index a life changing assessment that helped to reveal her purpose in 2015.

She studied Taylor Protocol’s methods for two years before becoming certified. Today Kourtney uses it as the foundation in her business.
She has developed her proprietary method to help corporations utilize the gifts from within the company.

Kourtney also helps career women understand their natural abilities to maximize opportunities and give their best contribution authentically to create a fulfilled and successful career with fewer regrets.



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