Beauty Review: LipSense
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It’s a beauty review! I received two LipSense products complimentary in exchange for my honest experience. Since I am addicted to deep reds, berries and have tons of bold colors, I instead went against the grain with a matte neutral lip color and gloss.


The Packaging

Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on branding and packaging of products. I thought the lip tubes were pretty cute with the gold cap and labeling. The tubes were also standard size, which should last over several applications.

The Application Process

  • Make sure lips are clean, dry and free of residue
  • Apply the lip color with 2-3 coats without pressing lips together
  • Let lips completely dry
  • Apply the gloss as a top coat to seal in the color and moisturize the lips

When applying the lip color, I was a bit alarmed at the tingling sensation from the alcohol within the tube. The instructions gave warning that the tubes contained alcohol to keep the products bacteria-free, but it was a bit uncomfortable. The color formula was very thin and watery (yet lightweight), but turns sticky once on the lips. It took about 3 coats to get full-coverage. Once dried, and the lip gloss was applied, the whole look came together for a surprisingly nice, natural result. The gloss is a must!


The Wearability

While the color does look nice for a quite a little while, without smudging. It does not necessarily last all day, but it holds up pretty well. At about the 5-6 hour mark, or after eating certain foods, it does begin to peel, so re-application would be required.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the products are keepers for a more natural everyday look. However, the application process is a bit tedious to reach the desired result; not ideal if constantly in a time crunch. Although the alcohol is a bit tingly (my least favorite part of the whole process), the final result makes up for it. You will need to carry both tubes around in your bag throughout the day for reapplication.