[The Unapologetic Podcast] Dream, Vision and Reality (DVR) w/ Cherise Mattheson
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CEO CHIC Is a premiere lifestyle brand for millennials dedicated to handling business and being the CEO of their life. Those individuals who ascribe to the CEO CHIC LIFE use their gifts and talents to maximize their earnings, making money while looking, feeling, and dressing amazing. CEO CHIC is more than a style of dress, CEO CHIC is an attitude and a lifestyle.


The DVR (Dream Vision Reality) Guide is the blueprint to help you give life to your dreams. Discover how to channel the power of faith, creative visualization, positive energy, imagination and affirmations to transform your dreams to vision and then reality. With extreme belief, ambition, and patience, the life of your dreams will prosper beyond your wildest imaginations. The DVR Guide functions the same as your home DVR. You program the DVR to record what you want to watch, allow the DVR to capture it, and come back later to enjoy! This guide shows you how to take the same approach with your life! So turn off the television, and get ready to fulfill the starring role in your very own dream come true.


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