Recy Taylor, An Alabama Black Woman Raped in 1944 By 6 White Men, Dies At 97
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Mrs. Recy Taylor, an African-American woman from Abbeville, Alabama, whose disturbing abduction and gang-rape by six white men in 1944 made national headlines, has died at age 97. Her 98th birthday would have been Sunday.


Many may not have been familiar with her story, but just recently, “The Rape of Recy Taylor” by Nancy Buirski, made a debut, decades later, at the New York Film Festival. To be precise, it was September 3, 1944 when the attack on 24-year-old Taylor happened – one of many swept under the rug all throughout the Jim Crow era in the South.

She had been waking home from church when she was abducted, gang-raped, and left blind-folded on the side of the road by the men, who also threatened to kill her if she spoke out about it. She spoke out anyway – a young wife, mother and sharecropper at the time. And although her story sparked an international outcry and demand for justice, it never came. She was offered $600 hush money by her attackers, one of whom openly admitted to the crime, but Taylor did not accept and stood her ground. None of her assailants were ever prosecuted.


Taylor did not take on the shame, and made it her mission to get her story heard. In 2011, nearly 67 years following her brutal rape, Alabama legislature issued an apology to Taylor “for its failure to prosecute her attackers.”

Rest in Power, Mrs. Taylor. We thank you for speaking out against sexual abuse, and your resilience in fighting for justice. #MeToo