Why Every Woman Should Consider A Boudoir Photography Session
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Photo: @photogbyvalerie

Did you clutch your pearls at the mere sight or thought of “boudoir”? Well, I’m here to tell you not to be intimidated, and to instead hear me out on why more women should consider booking a boudoir photography session for themselves.


Just the thought of getting in front of a camera in such a vulnerable way can be nerve-wrecking, however, once you get past that initial hurdle, you will more than likely be glad that you made that leap. Boudoir sessions, tastefully done, will not disappoint. Be sure to schedule with an experienced boudoir photographer, one that you’re comfortable with, who will ensure to capture you in flattering poses and light.


When I booked my very first boudoir session, the images were a gift for my husband on our wedding anniversary (he loved them, by the way). But keep in mind that you don’t have to gift your session to anyone, but yourself. If for no other reason, do it for you. Just think – you get to get glammed up with full hair and makeup, pick out pieces that accentuate your curves and make you feel good, and (hopefully) sip on a glass of wine while you’re at it. Maybe you’ve been experiencing a difficult time in life and need a little pick-me-up to remind yourself that you’re the sh*t. Whatever the reason, just remember that you are doing it for yourself, first and foremost.


Boudoir parties are a thing. Perhaps you would like to schedule a party with a few of your closest friends, with a glam squad, as you take turns posing for the camera. It becomes a memorable experience (LOTS of laughs), and you get some amazing images in return for your own personal use. Some individuals are more open to the experience when not having to go at it alone.


What to do with those photographs after a boudoir session? The possibilities are endless! Whether you get the bound into an album for yourself or your significant other, or order a few prints to hang in your bedroom, the choice is yours!