How Activewear Took Over The Runway And The Streets
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Wherever you look, there’s a duffle bag strutting the streets, sneakers sneaking into an office, a tank top perusing the mall far, and yoga pants glorifying someone’s physique. If we’ve been uncertain whether or not the notion of sportswear will become a key leitmotif of the past (and upcoming) year, we can now rest assured it has every intention of staying.

The athleisure concept, or activewear, or however you prefer to call it, has become the personification of a much more profound change. And although we haven’t all become fitness freaks and sports-obsessed fashionistas, somehow, at least those main pieces such as hoodies and logoed t-shirts have found their way into our wardrobes. So, how did it all begin and where is it all going?

Athleticized high fashion

It’s 2014, and Beyoncé has announced that the world will soon be richer by one more fashion brand, and in 2016, she didn’t disappoint with her line Ivy Park. And at the same time (2014, that is), Alexander Wang began his collaboration with H&M on a collection that will soon become the staple of modern-wear. And in his own words that still resonate, if not more, with the modern state of fashion: “I live in gym clothes,” he said. “When you go out on the street, it’s the uniform now.”

What makes it all the more appealing is that these renowned names are making an effort not just to mimic the sporty appearance of such apparel, but preserve their predominant function and durability through water-resistant materials and dry-fit technology. If you look at some of our favorite models, such as the Hadid sisters, you’ll notice that they opt for such garments even off the runways, in their own ingenious combos. If you ever thought that a hoodie would look ridiculous with a pair of haute boots, think again.

A global mindset shift

So, what has spurred the slew of designers and top model names to embrace the idea of sportswear and gym clothes as the pivotal element of their collections? It seems that, with millennials and modern youth at the forefront of the green revolution, the greater awareness of a health-oriented lifestyle has been fast to take over the world.

Alongside green juice bars popping up everywhere, various health and sports movements infusing the lives of the modern human (think HIIT, wearable tech, CrossFit, etc.), it makes perfect sense that the need for improved quality of life translates into fashion as well. We are now well into a new era, one that puts health and fitness before appeal, but with fashion experts as our backup, we no longer have to sacrifice beauty for functionality: they are making it perfectly possible to wear stunning sporty pieces in and out of the gym.

Health on the streets

Such wide availability of quality, durable, and growingly more sustainable clothing options, athleisure is no longer just another option, but a main and predominant choice for many fashion and comfort lovers. Don’t be surprised if your friend takes out her protein shake and her lipstick from the same duffle bag, or wears her old college hoodie with a pair of business pants and Prada ankle boots. Or plain sneakers, it’s up to her, after all, the options are endless.

With such a massive change in trends, it’s not strange that even highly functional collections such as compression clothing are considered fabulous, while yoga pants are no longer “just something you threw on” to pick up groceries – they are all a fashion statement.

An all-around lifestyle

Still wondering if you’ll have to throw out all your cool shorts, tanks and tees as soon as another designer decides that it’s too passé to wear a sweatshirt to a coffee date with your besties or sneakers to work? Fear not, activewear is no longer just a passing phase of fashion.

Precisely because it is deep-rooted in our need to change our habits, on a global scale, and become more attuned to our body’s needs, athleisure is one of those “trends” that transcends the notion of seasonality – it has already become a lifestyle.


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