[The Unapologetic Podcast] Tracing Your Roots w/ Donya Williams
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For more than 20 years, author and genealogist Donya Williams has researched her roots in Edgefield, South Carolina. As she researched her family, there came a time when sharing her genealogy discoveries were a must. She did so through a blog on WordPress, which was followed by family members, other researchers, and friends. As her knowledge of the genealogical field grew, so did her need to expose others to what she had learned. Donya became the administrator of two genealogical Facebook groups, and created a Facebook page that would share the information she found through researching with others.

After years of finding and connecting her family to each other, the stories from her blog – and many more – have been compiled and told in a way that only Donya can pull off in the new book

Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina





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