[The Unapologetic Podcast] “Success In Celibacy” w/ Author Shea Edwards
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The Unapologetic Podcast

“Success in Celibacy” is a transparent guide to having NO Sex in the City, on purpose…well at least for right now.

Author, Shea Scott Edwards, journeys from sex-to-celibacy and debunks various myths that the celibate lifestyle is one of sufferable misery or an unrealistic and unattainable achievement. Instead of sacrificing your body to societal standards and physical urges, give God a chance through sexual obedience and watch how He rewards your relationships and enhances your life through miraculous gifts and blessings.

This book of buried treasure will tear down generational barriers and put an end to personal guilt and shame. By opening up the dialogue of sex and sexuality between international communities and churches, God’s purpose for celibacy is championed in an effort to ignite us with power and purpose. Experience the heart of God and His desire for His children to live purpose-filled, liberated and empowered lives!





Listen to our conversation:




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